Help! Any parents have experience with behavior problems?

August 11, 2014 in Day to Day Life, Everyday with Special Needs, Group Programs

There haven’t been any posts from me lately.  I have been putting off sending out words to everyone for a time when I had some wisdom or information to share. It’s been months and I’m still none the wiser. Unfortunately I feel I can’t wait until the clarity arrives because I’m beginning to wonder if there will be any again. I’m lost and am looking out to special needs parents for insight.

It’s been a tough year at our household. A lot of things have changed, the autistic nightmare. Last summer we went to Australia for 3 weeks on vacation instead of the usual Hawaii. His sisters said we broke him there. Patrick started a new adult group when we got back. His brother got married. One sister started college and moved away. Another was a senior and was planning for college. Both sisters are about to leave for college. Each one of those things changes his day.

Patrick can’t express his feelings. Sometimes I think he misses his sisters. They are both home this summer and his behavior hasn’t changed.  He can’t think about the future. It can’t be that he’s grieving over their impending departure.  How can I know really what’s going on inside him?

He has become opening disagreeable. He refuses to follow the rules. He’s sneaking around the rules on the computer. I’ve had to take away his passwords to Facebook and Email. We received calls from private, expensive colleges for him who was replying to his inquiries about their computer tech programs. He intentionally picks fights with his Dad and myself over silly things, like what he did 6 years ago or wearing sweats in the summer. He does the same with his boss at Tender Greens and his aid at his group. He refuses to transition from one task to the other. He acts out inappropriately, occasionally physically.  His Dad thinks at 24 his just coming into his teenager self.  He went through puberty in High School.  How can that be?

His behaviors occur out of the blue. Most of the days I thought he was in a pretty good mood. Each time I was shocked. Several days I knew he was tired or agitated and was pacing back forth all day waiting for a call from the group but nothing. I would try leaving him at home with no stressors. That doesn’t work either. He’s autistic he needs to keep a schedule.  My conclusion here is that I have no clue about when or how he will react. I’m at my wits end. I have no insight to share with anyone.  In fact I need help.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of behavior? Does anyone know of any therapist or counselor that can help adults who are autistic? Has anyone sought ABA support for his or her adult?