SSI Redetermination Appointment 15 minutes

October 16, 2014 in SSI by Judy Melville

ssi-logo0We had our fourth Redetermination  appointment, this time in the SSI offices 1333 Front Street, downtown San Diego. It went exceedingly well.  I wanted to share it with you.

We received a letter in October 1, 2014 telling us we had an appointment 8 days later, in the afternoon.  It turned out the date and time worked for us so I kept the appointment. We had an phone appointment in 2013 that also went well.  I wasn’t nervous until I remembered that SSI did not know Patrick  hadn’t worked  for Tender Greens for 3 months.   They might not be happy about being kept out of loop.  What the heck I’ve been sending them paychecks for 2 years and they’ve been sending me uber mail.  I decided I’d bring the whole 10inch thick file with me.

The back of the appointment notice requested we bring with us, Bank statement: savings and checking accounts and any other bank statements, pension records from VA and various other government agencies, Pay stubs from work or self employed tax returns and lastly life insurance policies and/or burial contracts.

I remembered from our last appointment they asked for our rental contract that establishes Patrick pays us x amount of dollars a month for room and board.  I printed a new contract, Patrick, his Dad and I signed it.

The only income Patrick has that’s not immediately cashed and used to care for him is his 3 shares of Volkswagen stock.  I printed out copies of those statements for 18 months. I printed copies of his savings account statement that he proudly earns $.08 monthly.  I printed out copies of our checking account that his SSI check is deposited into.  I printed out new mortgage data (we refinanced last year).  I didn’t have any utilitiy bills with us and was sure SSI would require I get them.

We arrived 10 minutes before our appointment with R. Martinez carrying large files.   We waited in the Social Security lobby for 5 minutes before being called into the back office to see Mr. Martinez.  He was easy cordial and got right to work.  He swore us in, do you promise to tell the truth the whole truth… .  He asked if we authorized SSI to access our bank account to which Patrick’s checks are deposited.  We did.

He asked if Patrick was still working I said no.   He later said if he begins working again let them know.  That was it.

He asked Patrick had been out of the country for a month or more in the last year and a half, committed any crimes,  if he had funeral plots or headstones, any income accounts, vehicles or boats, lived anywhere else during the year. There were  a bunch of obscure questions like these.  Nothing about the things that we do pay for just the items we do not.  I assume the reason for this is that Patrick has no other income than SSI, and the $50 from his stock, which remains untouched from the first day we bought them.  We transfer 100% of his check each month into our checking account.

I gave him the printouts of Patrick’s VW stock accounts and that was it.

He printed out a final copy of our  information which was based mostly on last years appointment. I told him our mortgage was different.  He said that’s ok.  He didn’t want or need it.

We walked out of the Social Security office 20 minutes from the time we walked in. It was great.  Anyone else have any experiences with SSI Redetermination appointments?